What Is Sprytly?

“Think of what you know about creativity, then forget what you think you know about creativity.”

So, what is Sprytly? The question is WHO is Sprytly? Sprytly is a collaborative community of diverse-minded creatives. We consider ourselves movement mixologists; we translate a life in motion through artistic expression and on varying mediums. We are the innovative force behind building brands and launching companies to reach for higher brand awareness. We are described in a myriad of ways – flowery, weird, nomadic, aberrant.  Some of us walk naked through the woods; others prefer clothes. We are dreamers, inventors, and philosophers of the world. We’re masters of our craft, yet we remain committed students of the process. We function so well together because we pull from each other equally. At all times we have professionals who are proficient in distinct aspects of the creative process.  Both our collaborative and our individual creations challenge the boundaries that the world often believes we live within. We don’t place limits on ourselves, so no one label defines us!  We offer creativity shaken and stirred, unfiltered and untamed. Get weird with us!

Creativity is our native language. We are the singularity of artistic expression. WE ARE SPRYTLY.

  • My Handstand Timeline

    The other day Maggie @orbeaborealis asked me, “how long did it take before I could safely get into and hold a handstand.”  This is an excellent question because we often assume things come quickly to people with specific skills. I thought I would break down my handstand timeline with tips for anyone interested in working

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  • The Science of Creativity

    Creativity is the building block of an artistic life. The question is, how does one do it? If you take a look at people who are creative you’ll soon find they see the world in a different way. There are some foundational elements that are at the center of all of us musicians, poets, writers,

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  • For The Love Of Feet!

    Anyone that’s followed me for a while knows I’m very interested in sociology, psychology and how the mind works. Being a marketer and creative director (and this last political election) taught me that not everyone thinks the same way I do. The brain is a mysterious thing, which leads me to my point. So, at

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  • The Goddess Durga

    I remember the day I decided to get this huge tattoo of the Goddess Durga very vividly.  One of my favorite parts of my teacher training was “story time,” when we would learn about ancient texts, myths, and traditions that have informed yoga over the years.  I have a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in

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  • Creation Of Viral Art

    Imagine the world-wide web as that really cool kid who came to school with the coolest hairstyle in the world. The slow-mo kicks in, everyone stares, and the light shines straight down as they run their fingers through their hair and flash a billion dollar smile. Yeah, so, pretty much everyone comes up to them

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  • My Body Is My Own

    BY HELEN PETTY Growing up as a woman in this world means that from the earliest of ages your body is not your own. Our culture encourages commentary, and judgment, and embarrassment, and often violence. This scar was put here 17 years ago by a man who maybe someday I’ll have the courage to name

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  • Lost In Iceland

    BY MICHELLE THOMAS I spend a large part of my life trying to get lost because getting lost is truly how I find myself.  Lost in creativity. Lost in movement.  Lost in nature. When you are lost, you can’t help but be present, intuitive, and conscious. I recently got lost in Iceland. Innsæi is the

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  • Why I Do This

    BY KELLY HOGAN, RN BSN RYT  PHOTOS by Michelle Thomas Behind every beautiful photograph showing a dynamic yoga pose, or a dancer, or an athlete’s best performance, is thousands of hours that most likely were very “unpretty,” and hundreds of times questioning, “Why don’t I just sleep in?” Many little decisions day after day help keep

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  • Take Time To Smell The Pizza

    BY MAURA KINSELLA of Happiness Watts In September, Michelle caught up with Maura Kinsella while she was in town for the Gateway Cup and just prior to her heading to the Team Time Trial World Championships in Richmond, VA. She taught us of her lifestyle company – Happiness Watts – which is dedicated to finding the fun in competitive

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  • Which Side?

    BY MICHELLE THOMAS Do you favor one side over the other? I’m right handed and right-brained, but prefer going to the left in yoga. The left side of the brain controls the right vice versa. The left is responsible for logic, like science and mathematics, and the right is responsible for creativity and arts. The left side of

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