The Science of Creativity

Creativity is the building block of an artistic life. The question is, how does one do it? If you
take a look at people who are creative you’ll soon find they see the world in a different way.
There are some foundational elements that are at the center of all of us musicians, poets,
writers, and creative people.

Challenge the rules and question everything

Taking it back to Picasso once again. To break the rules you have to learn why they are there.
When an artist’s get’s noticed it often happens because
they are doing something different. It may be as simple as mixing different elements together,
but they are questioning what’s out there. Artists pave the world for something new and something beautiful.

New Experiences

Creativity can become stagnate. It’s important to do things differently, be sporadic, mix it up. The
only habit you should think about before accepting the “don’t get into habits” tip is the habit of
pursuing being creative regularly. Write daily. Create daily. Ever realize why some of the best
songs come at a breakup? It’s that the world changes, it gets shook up, you see
everything in a different light. Not to say you should seek creativity in heartbreak, but the idea
applies, new things can help you find creativity by helping change your perspectives. It may be
as simple as deciding last minute to see a music performance or art show instead of sitting at home
watching Netflix.

Allow yourself the freedom to be creative

Creative and inquisitive people cultivate that environment. Being around people of like minds
will help the discouragement that can set in due to people’s non-creative judgment. If you find
what works to stimulate your creativity that’s awesome, but don’t let your idea that creativity must be achieved only one-way steer you away from exploring different things. View creativity as
being everywhere. You just need to open up to see it.

Don’t be judgmental

Judgment in a creative environment excludes ideas that are different. If there’s no judgment
then there will be an environment that’s ready to listen. The hardest societies to create in are
those that are closed. Those suppressed societies are ones that, theoretically, the rules
governing what people are allowed to do are never going to change. There’s something unique that happens when you’re ready to listen, and that’s the birth of ideas. If someone listens they are open to consideration. With consideration, a person will be receptive to find new ideas, those ideas when mixed with their own, will create a new idea. Here’s a formula if you will. Creativity is basically a mixture of two ideas; your own and the one you get when being in a nonjudgmental environment. Therefore, those two ideas have the potential to give life to an insightful third idea. It happens so fast and so often sometimes we can overlook when it strikes. Societies influence what people create. So, those societies or groups that express an openness

Societies influence what people create. So, those societies or groups that express an openness
and question everything will have a higher potential to thrive with spontaneous creativity. This
isn’t to say that creativity can’t happen in suppressed environments; think about how Blues
music started.

In the pursuit of new ideas ask yourself “How do I know if they will work if I don’t TRY.” For the
artist, remember, sometimes it’s like throwing paint at the wall to see what sticks, or cutting some random video together to tell a unique story. One idea may be one idea until it’s cultivated into something great. Most importantly art is an expression. Be yourself and love doing what you’re doing.

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