The Art Of Finding And Applying Inspiration.

There’s no doubt, when you simply observe, that our minds are fascinating. We were designed to create. We ALL have something we use as a creative outlet. We live in a time were individuality has never been more sought after. Every facet of our society is striving for a unique and innovative twist. Even the “traditional” businesses have to compete in a world that is rapidly evolving. It’s causing traditionalists to reinvent the word traditional and non-traditionalist to push the boundaries even further that anyone has ever imagined.

Where does one find inspiration? And more importantly how does someone apply that to growing their brand’s awareness? Personally, I’ve simplified my method down to one concept. I’m a mixologist of movement. I’ve found a conduit for my creativity. As many know, I love yoga. It clears my mind. It helps me to be present. I’ve been doing it for many years now. When I started doing yoga it was only yoga. It was simply the flow, the motion of my body and mind in an unknown direction. This is where it gets interesting. A lot of things inspire me. The flow and shape of the body. It’s all an expression of art. So here’s the takeaway.

“You don’t create inspiration, you inspire inspiration”

I could have JUST continued to do yoga, but I was inspired to push its limits. Inspiration is out there, you just have to recognize it, and once you recognize it you should seriously consider DOING something with it.  I enjoy the overall process of creating. I enjoy cyclocross, painting, running, fitness, lifestyle, fashion, photography, and travel. I always practiced yoga. As I searched for interesting locations to shoot, I would meet people from all walks of life. I was inspired to collaborate. I realized there were worlds within the world that I could blend together. The world is a blank canvas and I have all the brushes in my hand.  Those interesting individuals INSPIRE my inspiration.

I don’t limit myself in creative endeavors. As I built my Instagram, I’ve simply thought of the many aspects I could incorporate into yoga. Maybe I shoot with a certain piece of fashion in mind, or maybe it’s completely naked. Maybe it’s a location that has a cool look, or maybe it’s shooting with a master in their craft. Whatever it is I don’t limit myself. We, as creatives, work together to build a world of limitless possibilities. With Instagram, it’s the analytics that fascinate me. With as much as I don’t limit myself I certainly still pay attention to what works and what doesn’t.

“Listen to the environment around you”

As you find inspiration, just let it breathe. People feel passion, acknowledge authenticity, and observe originality. I believe this is the reason behind my videos going viral. For me blending worlds has become an avenue of innovation and if that ever runs out then so be it. There will be another path of inspiration to travel down. The biggest thing to my success is a mindset. I don’t question things to the point that I end up doing nothing. When you have an idea, act on it. Just keep creating. There’s an interesting study that says when you push yourself mentally you actually build new neurological pathways. It’s actually building your brain to be even more creative. Some may say that it’s easy for me to say because I have 65k followers. Yeah and it took a LONG time to get there. I had to never give up. I had to shoot EVERYDAY and post content EVERYDAY, even if I wasn’t a fan of my work that day. Looking back, this is the crux of the whole creative experience. If you desire to express your creativity, I hope what I’m about to say will help you cast out fear and tune into the inspiration that will lead you to a more fulfilling creative life.

“Do things as if you didn’t know they were impossible”


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