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Do you favor one side over the other? I’m right handed and right-brained, but prefer going to the left in yoga. The left side of the brain controls the right vice versa. The left is responsible for logic, like science and mathematics, and the right is responsible for creativity and arts.

The left side of the brain is always trying to turn off a chemical stress response that the right side is, by nature, initiating. When the signal from the left brain does what it does we achieve relaxation. Yoga engages both right and left brain through the various poses and bends in a yoga flow. As a whole, this results in strengthening the left side brain to be able to control the on/off switch of a stress response. The control, in return, allows the right side brain to have more mental clarity because without the stress response the right side can focus on doing its creative job. This whole process rewires the brain so that your right side brain has more control over the thoughts you form. It’s great for creativity. You may notice that you’re able to be more creative after doing yoga.

I noticed this flow I did a few posts back on Instagram was left handed. (It feels so weird to go at it from the right.) It’s because it’s not the natural response of the brain.  So a new challenge is set! When you engage challenges in any situation, you’re rewiring your brain to handle that situation differently, most times better and more efficiently. Whether it be stress or creative challenges, engaging that challenge can do amazing things for honing that creativity within you.  Think about which side you favor and try to accomplish the harder task first. Rewire that brain!

With your creative endeavors in mind, try engaging the challenges. It’s like mind yoga. It’ll stretch your abilities and innovate your creation process. You’ll see it comes down to changing your approach. This approach can be a huge turning point in situations where you face creative blocks. Comment below with a situation when you overcame a creative block, and tell us how you changed your approach to accomplishing your goal.

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