What Is Sprytly?

“Think of what you know about creativity, then forget what you think you know about creativity.”

So, what is Sprytly? The question is WHO is Sprytly? Sprytly is a collaborative community of diverse-minded creatives. We consider ourselves movement mixologists; we translate a life in motion through artistic expression and on varying mediums. We are the innovative force behind building brands and launching companies to reach for higher brand awareness. We are described in a myriad of ways – flowery, weird, nomadic, aberrant.  Some of us walk naked through the woods; others prefer clothes. We are dreamers, inventors, and philosophers of the world. We’re masters of our craft, yet we remain committed students of the process. We function so well together because we pull from each other equally. At all times we have professionals who are proficient in distinct aspects of the creative process.  Both our collaborative and our individual creations challenge the boundaries that the world often believes we live within. We don’t place limits on ourselves, so no one label defines us!  We offer creativity shaken and stirred, unfiltered and untamed. Get weird with us!

Creativity is our native language. We are the singularity of artistic expression. WE ARE SPRYTLY.

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