Lululemon Athletica

“When the light comes from within, harmony is inevitable.”

Lululemon Ambassador Cole Bombino

Michelle has an ongoing relationship with Lululemon to style and photograph new products on local fitness community members. These photos support local teachers and recognize role models in the area so the brand can connect with their customer base on a deeper and more personal level. Michelle is the social photographer for Lululemon Saint Louis’s community ambassadors. The St. Louis locations are the 5th largest grossing Lululemon stores in the country. As a result, feedback garnered from these locations drives many vital decisions about the Lululemon brand. Setting the stylistic tone for a major brand inspires Michelle to think about diversity and capturing the spirit of the local community in her creative process. She’s built an ongoing relationship by collaborating with Lululemon through her personal Instagram following, and she values the creative partnership with the lululemon team.

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