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PHOTOS by Michelle Thomas

Behind every beautiful photograph showing a dynamic yoga pose, or a dancer, or an athlete’s best performance, is thousands of hours that most likely were very “unpretty,” and hundreds of times questioning, “Why don’t I just sleep in?” Many little decisions day after day help keep that person aligned with his/her passion; from food choices to declining events, to saying yes to things, that person anticipated and overcame many roadblocks – scheduling and the mental kind.

When you add up all of the “nos,” and the time and money sacrifices, and for certain party pooper popularity points – others might question, “Why would you do all that? Where’s the fun? I don’t understand.” But the thing about passion is that it can’t necessarily always be logically explained. And passion might not always be enough to motivate you each day. We also need support. When I see a photo of myself representing #strength – what I’m looking at is the culmination of the guidance of others. People believing in you makes a world of difference, or at minimum, it means having a friend to dust you off when you fall. If you’re out there and trying to go it all alone, that’s too hard.

Ask for help.

Go where the support is.

And if you need ideas about where to find support, then start right here on Instagram.

But do that thing, or those things that you know are good for you.

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