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Ever been in yoga class and wondered, “What’s this song playing?” But then you promptly forget to ask because you’re sweaty and disheveled, and all of a sudden you’re in crow or a side-arm balance, and all you can think about is when the heck you can get back to a nice comfortable child’s pose again? Well…

Here are thirteen relaxed, upbeat tracks that you can use for an hour-long practice—at home! The playlist starts with a bit of ambient electronica to warm up, a mixture of house music and psychedelic pop for your flow, and Coldplay’s “Oceans” for a relaxing cool down. Roll out your mat or kick up your feet—or both, if you’re doing headstands today ?


Track List:

  1. Lusine — Two Dots
  2. Max Richter — Spring 1
  3. Fleetwood Mac (Gigamesh edit) — Dreams
  4. Oh Wonder — Without You
  5. Paradis — Hemisphere
  6. Tom Misch — The Journey
  7. Glass Animals — Gooey
  8. Chilly Gonzales — Knight Moves
  9. Favela — Gong
  10. IAMNOBODI — Good Wine
  11. Darius & Crayon — Alicia
  12. The XX — Angels
  13. Coldplay — Oceans

Author: sprytly

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