My Happy Hour Workout Routine


I’ve found that consistency and habit-forming have been the best way to keep to my workout routines. I just try to find something fun and different to do every day. I do yoga about four times a week, run about 3 and ride my bike and climb, dance, and jump in the air. If you can make your workout feel like you are just having fun, that is the best. I think that Instagram actually made me stronger, trying to accomplish a pose for the camera usually turns into a workout and I don’t even realize it. I do handstand breaks at work when my computer is saving a file. Just try to play and have fun, and that builds on itself.

As far as food I try to cut out any sugar or high fructose corn syrup. I eat a fair amount of lean meat and eggs, veggies, and fruit.

Also, find a friend to workout with, and sometimes if I’m not in the mood to do anything I look at people running or doing yoga and that inspires me to do something.

Remember not to get frustrated, and it is all cumulative. Find movement every day in whatever for inspires you and you will be able to progress and see results. Make movement a part of your life. It’s not a chore its a joyful expression of your inner-self.

Author: sprytly

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