Michelle Thomas

Hi! I'm Michelle Thomas, Creator of Sprytly.

I'm a spirited-edge dweller. A movement mixologist. A dreamer.
An innovator. A photographer and filmmaker.

I’m an entrepreneur in the beverage & fitness industries.

Aside from Sprytly, I am the Chief Creative Officer and Partner at Origin Agency. I have over 25 years of experience designing and marketing international adult beverage brands. My work has been featured on Instagram’s blog and profile, Print Magazine, Communication Arts, and the Clio Awards. My passion for photography, fitness, and travel has led me to work with brands such as Lululemon Athletica, SoiLL Holds, Mahabis, Slink Jeans, Meundies, Voice of Insiders, Yoga Six, and many more.

I have a willingness to say YES!

I have always had a keen sense of the unending potential of visual art that gives my creative work and social media presence a lightness, a spiritual vibe that always strives to be true and authentic.

I am a movement devotee & mixologist.

When not training for a marathon, rock climbing, racing cyclocross, or practicing yoga,
I can be found spending hours taking/editing fitness photos & videos.  Click here to learn about my fitness routine.


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