Jessica Branson

Asana Artist.  Movement magician.  Shape Shifter.  Dancer, choreographer, acrobat, teacher, empath.

Jess is illuminated. She is a passionate practitioner.  She is lit up from the inside.  Movement is her magic, and the world is her playground.

She grew up practicing high-level gymnastics. That is where she learned focus, dedication, and discipline for a craft.  She danced in a company for many years and competed in pageants.  She is a natural performer and choreographer.

Jess found yoga in 2005, and that is when she made the connection between movement, energy, and emotional healing.  That is when her life’s purpose became clear, and she understood what to do with her natural talents.

Jess received her 200-hour YTT in 2011. She has also coached gymnastics in some capacity for most of her life. She never stopped training like a gymnast and dancer.  She has found art in choreographing asanas that consist of these three elements.  She is known for her fun flows and graceful transitions.  She has a remarkable ability to understand shapes and movement and to explain the mechanics of a posture or transition.

These days she is on a mission to help others move energy through movement, create body awareness, and practice mindful living.  She believes wholeheartedly that yoga, mindfulness, and meditation are the key to healing trauma that we all carry in our physical bodies.

Jess will help you connect with your body and find more awareness.  She will guide you in facilitating unique shapes and expression through the art of movement.

Jess owns a studio space in one of the hottest Denver neighborhoods.  She calls this her Spiritual Playground, and she encourages like-minded, health and wellness based individuals to gather and play with her.

Author: sprytly