Hi! I’m Michelle, the creator and founder of Sprytly. Maybe if you think of it as a human body, I guess I’m like the left leg or something, or maybe one line on a thumb print.

I’m a child at heart

I was born in 1970. I spent my early childhood growing up on a farm riding motorcycles & bikes, climbing trees, jumping off rooftops, doing back handsprings, and digging for fossils. I had, and continue to have, boundless amounts of energy.

YOGA – I love how every day is different and how you can build upon what you can do in so many inventive ways. It spawns creativity by rewiring your mind and building new synapses.

CYCLE – My bike was my only mode of transportation as a kid. If I wanted to go to the pool in the summer, I’d jump on my bike and ride two miles down the gravel road.

CLIMB – Not just on rocks but on doorways, trees, fire escapes, and anything else that can be climbed.

JUMP – Any chance you get!! Find new heights, hurdle over barricades, leap over puddles and streams.

RUN – Oh, run if you must.


I’m an entrepreneur

My full-time job is Partner/Executive Creative Director & Photographer at Origin Agency.

I love my job because It’s different every day! When you have your own business, you get to make it what you want it to be. I have many wonderful clients, mostly in the beverage industry, amazing coworkers, and partners. I started my agency along with my two partners Julie Wood and Lance Thomas. This year was our ten year anniversary, and we sent each employee on an inspiration trip to celebrate.


I’m a travel junkie

Last year I traveled to Portland, Tulum, Mexico, New York, Florida, California & Iceland. I’m currently planning trips to California, Switzerland, and Amsterdam.

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